Cruisin' For A Cure Canada
The Car Show That Saves Men's Lives
Sunday, September 9, 2018

Gates open 7:30 a.m.; show 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
At The Powerade Centre, 7575 Kennedy Road S., Brampton






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About Us

Cruisin' For A Cure Canada is a car show whose goal is to raise awareness about prostate cancer, which is as serious for men as breast cancer is for women. Yet OHIP STILL forces most men in Ontario to pay for their PSA blood tests except (a) at the discretion of their family doctor or (b) once they have already been diagnosed with prostate cancer!

Cruisin' For A Cure Canada will continue to offer FREE, confidential PSA Tests to men aged 40 and over.

This simple test is not perfect, but it is a vital first step in the process of detecting Prostate Cancer.

Want to know more about the PSA test?

Early detection can potentially avoid surgery and/or radiation treatments that would cost our Provincial health plan far more money.

Once diagnosed, men with Prostate Cancer can go on to live longer, more comfortable lives thanks to modern treatment protocols developed by dedicated researchers.

Each year, Cruisin' For A Cure Canada directs the net proceeds from the show to
Prostate Cancer Canada


Cruisin' For A Cure Canada


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